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† 68 [video]

Ah -- I thought it was noisier since midnight. [Lilith assents and smiles at the camera] Hello everyone. I hope that the journey wasn't exhausting for any of you.

If you are thirsty or tired, please stop over the Cathedral. It would take me a few minutes, but I will have refreshments ready to serve soon. Enjoy the City in the meantime.

[Hesitates to add something else. To ask about Abel, Seth or Elissar. She turns off the broadcast.]

† 67 [video]

Eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month-

Yesterday was very peaceful, wasn't it? After the world wars, that day became a date for remembrance of the conflict and the armistice for the countries involved; and it became a day to recall the conflicts, the fallen soldiers and the end of all of it. I think it would have been more satisfying to celebrate that old holiday by a genuine armistice, instead of a forced one.

I hope that those who had this date at heart gave a respectful two minutes of silence and a toast for those who had died fighting in the battlefield of any war.

† 66 [video]

[The feed starts with Lilith smiling at the camera and looking slightly different than usual. Glimmering silver outfit, six blue wings unfurled at her back and a halo. She’s standing next to the stained glass window of the Cathedral.

She addresses at the camera serenely.]

I pray that we don’t have complications this week, when we all have our jobs to do.

[She means this too for her fallen siblings. Even if they are at opposite sides, she still has hope for those who keep a heart. Those could be saved.]

† 65 [audio]

One moment of your attention, please? I would like to remember to those experiencing an increase of their appetite, to be especially careful to a-avoid bloating, gastritis and other adnominal p-pain…

[Her voice sounds a little strained and ends in a breathless note. She inhales loudly.]

Don’t mix your food and drink a lot of water to dilute your food. If it’s necessary but not ideal, take antacids after your meals. I beg you to see a doctor if the pain becomes intense. Thank you.

[Hospital/City General]

We… I… will be a-absent today. I would take a double shift tomorrow.

(ooc; Sorry about the month hiatus. TMICollapse ). Lilith is affected and has been eating in the kitchen, sadly so are the nanos...).

† 64 [video]

[Lilith is dressed for the curse with the fashion of Mars. She has just finished navigating the mainframe of the hospital net to reinforce the security from hacking future attacks.

Initializing: direct connection to the Network. Remaining time: 60 seconds_

She surfs straight into the City wide one.]

Ah--finally is over. To all our inorganic and organic patients, I hope this would stop any errors in our system from now on.

† 63 [video]

It has been a long time since I remain unscathed during those weekend curses. I hope that everybody fared as well as I did. Those are days of tension and confusion, but they aren't necessary bleak ones in most cases.

Jack? I hope you are still meeting my housemate and I for tea. I made parippu vada and vattayappam as accompanying treats.


We expect company soon, Aion. Could you please be available in the Cathedral when he arrives?

(ooc; this is early in the afternoon >.>)

† 62 [video]

I suggest that everybody watches out for mirrors or any reflecting surface today. Please be careful--

[Lilith is standing in one of the inner garden, just beside a large cross that seemly fell from somewhere out the sky.

That was a close call. She looks unruffled, attempting to pick it up as she talks.]

Of large objects falling from the sky. This bad luck wouldn't last more than twenty-four hours if we are to believe the traditional superstition.

† 61 [audio]

Sometimes given answers generate new questions. How many of them exist unseen? The dog, the mother and the keeper… Who are the overlords?

What about of the forces that has invaded the City presently and in the past? Unwanted visitors that plot against their control and force the deities to move into action to keep the control. This hasn’t the first time that something like this has taken place, but we unfortunately are still kept in the dark about the true nature of our prison and the reasons of our captivity.

Ah-- I implore you to those who are tempted by its appetizing appearance to reconsider and refrain from eating the cupcakes. We ignore their effects.

† 60 [video/action]

Welcome to the City, visitors.

[The smiling woman dressed in a sari offers, moving the device to broadcast the food set on the table, a diversity of desserts from India:


Please feel comfortable to stop by the Cathedral for free refreshments at the entrance. Be respectful if you want to enter. Always keep in mind this is the Lord's house, please.


Can we talk, dear?

† 159 [accidental video]

[With a shove, the video turns on, showing an upside down glance to a rather devastated room. The white paint of the walls have peeled off, burned by something. The shadow of a silhouette of a woman is projected by the light. Long hair, multiple wings, long claw-like fingers. The shadow approaches to reach out for the device.

And the feed dissolves into static until it fades into black.]

[Text: posted two hours later]

I deeply apologize for that broadcast. These curses are draining and turning stranger at every turn. I hope I didn't frighten anyone. That would be terrible..

Is everybody all right? Please, I implore you to let me know if you need my assistance.

(ooc; What if Cain had put the nanos back into Lilith after her brain died? TL;DRCollapse )

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