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Black Madonna

This world isn't your enemy. Never forget this, Abel.

Lilith Sahl
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Lilith Sahl

Name Lorena
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Disclaimer: Lilith and Trinity Blood belongs to Sunao & THORES.

Name: Lilith Sahl.
Four Walling: No, unless is four wall day. :)
Series: Trinity Blood (Novel/Manga).
Aliases: Naia Sancta, the Holy Woman, Black Madonna, the Dark Saint, 04, Minus Element, Abel's "Lost Lover", "That woman".
Rank: Lieutenant of the UNASF Mars Project (in charge of Health Care), General and leader of the Terran side of the war during Dark Ages, Patron Saint of Terrans (humans).
Age: 135 years old (appears in her late 20s).

Personality: Usually, Lilith is a nurturing, caring and peaceful woman. Her semblance is usually quiet, demure and uncomplicated. All she wants to do is help others with immense altruism. In this self-sacrificing nature, Lilith found her doom. Despite of her quiet nature, when the situations calls it, she can turn harsher as in the past when she became the war leader and strategist she became to help humans against her peers (meaning she can be manipulative lying face to keep up her "I AM SO HARMLESS" charade). Submissive and eager to aid others as she is, Lilith is no push-over and mantains her morals at all cost, even if this means betray her loved ones. Religious and spiritual, she gives second chances to mostly everyone, however, beneath that saintly visage, she analyzes and memorizes details to use against anyone that will prejudice her peaceful utopia, she could be cold and judgmental with those who try (like Cain and Seth).

Background: (taken from canon profile and notes) Lilith Sahl is the prototype used for creating the Night Lord siblings; created in Calcutta, India, three years before Abel and Cain. Her rank is a Lieutenant in the UNASF, below that of Cain, Abel and Seth. She is Krsnik 04. She is in charge of the department of medicine/health care in the Red Mars Project. She is also Abel's beloved soulmate. The calm voice of reason that appeased his fiery and hateful temper in the past.

In Mars, it is Lilith the person who saved Abel’s life after he is left for dead during a fight and, during this episode, she discovers the Arc after her vehicle stops working. The discovery of this alien ship will change their lives and those of their colonists forever.

Lilith, along with the Night Lords, begin to build a ship modeled after the Arc, a second Arc (that eventually becomes the second moon in Trinity Blood. The "Vampire's Moon"), to return to Earth once they realize of the Armageddon and promise to help the people left alive. However, when they return to Earth, her comrades and people forget their plans to aid the survivors and start a crusade to conquer them. Abel himself start to slaughter them when a Methuselah is killed. Millions of human lives are lost due to his rage. Lilith who is against the war of between the humans and the Returners, in the middle of the war went on the earth's side. There was a certain chapter in the novel (“Descending Angel”) which described this incident: The Vatican sees her as Krsnik 04 and takes this sign as a message from Heaven to join all forces of humans under the "Black Madonna's" banner. Because she left the Arc, this has caused a major problem. For the Arc to be controlled properly, it needs the four Krsniks to operate it and hers has the reboot system. Another problem was that she unified the human side and taught them how to use technology again (installing electric lines in Istvan, building powerful destructive systems like the Iblis in Cathargo, etc) which was even worse for the Returners. The showdown in Paris between her and the Night Lords ended in her victory as her armies crushed theirs and stopped their advance for good, forcing them to retire to the east.

Cain called Lilith up to Ark again for peace talks, before that however... she said something to Abel.

"Abel, you seem to hate the world, but you can't. Deep inside you, there is something different that you feel for humanity. You cannot hate the world. You loved and you believed, but you have been betrayed, and this is why you became the enemy of the world. It is not too late to stop this now. Why don't you start all over again? Please do not forget that."

At this point it seems that Lilith was already aware that she will be killed, but these words tells of how much she cared for Abel and believed in him.

During the "peace talkings", Cain kills Lilith, beheading her and absorving her Nanomachines. In turn he is very injured during their struggle, weaker after taking 04. After Abel found out Cain killed Lilith, he threw his "brother" out the ship, into the Earth's atmosphere, reducing Cain into a deplorable state he cannot regenerate until several hundred years after (his body has low stamina to keep 01 and 04). The war is over and peace is restored as Lilith always wanted.

In despair, Abel takes Lilith's body back to the Vatican and stays at her side for 900 years mourning her death, making an oath that one day he'll live as she told him to give the world a second chance and continue the work she started. As priest, he wears her rosary around his neck.

Lilith not only lives on his memories but is canonized as Saint by the Church, appearing in numerous frescos of the Cardinal Council and statues in graveyard and Churches as symbol of strength and protection against the "Vampires" for human beings.

The Methuselahs who follow Lilith's ideals moved to Albion where they remain, forgetting the origin of their greater acceptance about Terrans. Unfortunately, they are forced into almost slavery there until Esther Blanchett becomes Queen and changes the country in a place they can co-exist as equals.

Powers: Krsnik 04 is at her disposal (Krsniks are to "vampires" or Methuselah what vampires are to common humans, but in TB-sci-fi-like world it's like they are angels/demons/fairy depending the design). According to her release, she gains a different number of wings and changes color (for SANITY sake because neither the author or the artist agreed on the number and the color). Her basic release consists in two white wings, her 40% one in four multicolored wings and, finally, 80% six blue ones. Her long nails and a bone curved sword (made of the same material of Abel's scythe, Cain's spear and Seth's tridents) as attacks and slim membrane around her hands as defense. Both channel UV and plasma to disintegrate matter. She can regenerate every wound almost at scratch, except the beheading. That takes longer to heal, just like all of her kind, she enters into stasis before doing it. Speed, reflexes and strength are higher than Methuselah (who in turn are ten times stronger than human beings). Nanomachines can manipulate structures to an atomic and sub-atomic level, they are fast learners of how technology and live forms work (and, thus, with a quick power to destroy, kill, heal and create as they were the source of the bacilli, the bacteria that makes humans "vampires" or Methuselah), and usually share this with their hosts (in exchange of brief control). There is no telling of the limits an unleashed Nano with a strong host have. Finally, by herself Lilith is an expert in both the alien technology and lost technology that she taught humans when allied herself with them. Like the Night Lords, Lilith has a perfect genetic code (Isaak calls it: "the blueprint of the gods" - think about this way, if God made humans to his image but were flawed, humans created these four in theirs and fixed all flaws, their own toy gods) that makes her kind more durable and resistant to time/bacterias/viruses than normal human beings; and is quite a medical and tactical genius (half of Trinity Blood characters are genius in several areas -_-) and knows swordfighting (despicted in frescos as wielding a sword against demons).

Backwards: Lilith lives pretty much for others and never thinks of herself, huge martyr complex get! This puts her in danger most of the time and typically chooses to help and befriends "lost cases" she thinks can be saved (kind of like ABEL), as long they keep a "human heart" (Ophelia, Aion, Jenai, Mao, Keith, etc some of her former and current "projects"). She's willing to turn her back to her own people and her "family" (and lover) to help humans who were hostile against them. She's willing to die for her beliefs as long ensures peace. Her altruism is bad to her health and kills her eventually. Also she has Nanomachines in her system that, even if they are useful and powerful (and have her get pretty blue wings), are destructive and sly, always wanting to take over her like 01 did with Cain. Nanomachines are ancient, alien weapons of massive destruction who have found their perfect hosts in the Night Lords and Lilith and that will do everything to take over them to crush more civilizations across the universe as they did in the past before they went to stasis: starting with Earth. Lilith knows of this and represses her release active states to minimum. She's terrified of someone finding out the secret the Krsniks have, a mark of their sin, she's able to be swayed by this dread. Nor she is a perfect saint, she's perfectly willing to sacrifice Cain or Seth or whoever she deems inhuman if she must. Finally, beheading will put her into a vulnerable position for days if a fellow Krsniks wants her nanomachines (like Cain did). Not to mention the "thirst" against the Methuselah when the nanos are activated, she can't be trusted around them very much, specially if they are injured and bleeding. Yummy food.


Basic: Lilith has fragmented memories as consequence of being beheaded before arriving to the City. If she does or doesn’t remember Cain’s true motives is yet to be seen. She spends her days taking care of Rosiel’s pets and working as doctor in the Hospital. Lilith dislikes speaking about the matters of her world and her species, beware because is hard to get information about her and her people. (Outdated, will complete soonish- she remembers all now).

Housing: The Cathedral.

Alignment: Hero.

Status: Alive. Pre-removal of nanomachines.

Relationship Status: She is very much in love with Abel Nightroad but as a Saint and knowing she is going to die, will not admit it for Abel’s sake. Lilith assumes Abel moved on romantically. It has been 900 years to him. Uninterested aside of Abel.



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